Installation view to Olli Keränen’s exhibition Lump. Photo by Aukusti Heinonen.

Olli Keränen Lump


In the exhibition Lump, Olli Keränen is interested in movement. Movement on the surface of forms, and movement in between works, defines the exhibition’s atmosphere. Some of the works can be described as light. Some look like they need some finishing or extra support to stay up. The surfaces of some seem to require a final do over. Keränen aims at a whole, where the objects, works, and the surrounding space start moving in the visitor’s mind. This time, the exhibited works don’t drool.

Repetition in movement.
Repetition in mind.

You get back into the mood. A few steps on stone stairs. The wind in your face. By the sound of the door closing, you know there is an echo in the space. Do you see familiar faces? Music is playing. A moving image, and you can think of a character curling up by a bonfire. You return to the beginning and speed back to the moment where the bassline is at its most powerful. Like a wave and the sea, the roar of which you can barely hear through the drinking games of your friends frolicking inside.

In this exhibition, something always reminds of that one spot that can be thought of as the start. As the beginning. To get excited about the possibility of a beginning. Rename everything.

A time machine. Sensing possible mistakes next to the mistakes made. The mixing flavors of salt, pepper and toothpaste in a dizzying movement of a carousel. For this, it is better to just pass out and start over. The imagined, understanding gaze of friends helps to fumble in the space.

Olli Keränen’s exhibition features new works and a video piece. The working group of the video piece include dancer and choreographer Mira Kautto, Sakari Luhtala, who filmed and edited it, and Jaakko Kestilä, who created its soundscape and music. Special thanks to Maija, Aina, Jake, Sakari L., Sakari T., Jaakko, Mira, Emilia, Niina, Sauli, Mikko, Essi, and Elina.

Olli Keränen (b. 1979) works mainly with sculpture and moving image, building spatial entities of his works. In his works, he explores, among other things, the necessity of handicraft in relation to advanced production processes by working with materials that often have an unbalanced character. Drawing from archetypal forms, the works create a dialogue in which the original references become secondary. Keränen has held solo exhibitions in Helsinki and Copenhagen, the latest in the SIC gallery in Helsinki in 2021. In addition, his works have been featured in group exhibitions at HAM, Malmö Konsthall, Karst (Plymouth), Spike Island (Bristol) and Marselleria (New York).

Installation view to Olli Keränen's exhibition Lump, 2023. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Olli Keränen, Joint, 2023, concrete, fiberglass, giluform, stainless steel, silicone (a detail). Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Olli Keränen, Slack, 2023, Full HD Video. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Olli Keränen, Hammas, 2023 (on the wall), giluform, foam, wire. Rodny, 2023 (on the floor), chipboard, fiberglass, plaster, dog hair, giluform, clay, steel, plywood. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.

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