© Titus Verhe
© Titus Verhe

Anneli Sipiläinen, Liisa Hilasvuori Duo Exhibition


The Duo Guest Exhibition puts two sculptors from different generations into the limelight. The invited artists are Anneli Sipiläinen (b. 1940) and Liisa Hilasvuori (b. 1981).

Few similarities, such as the approach towards space and the way of working with various materials, can be found both from Sipiläinen’s and Hilasvuori’s practice. By inviting these two sculptors, who are in different phases of their career, to exhibit together, The Association of Finnish Sculptors wants to offer a platform for the encounter of two generations and enable a dialogue between them, as well as offer a chance to leran from each others.

Both of the artists exhibit new works in the exhibition. To enable this, the Association of Finnish Sculptors has given both the artists working grants as well as exhibition grant to cover other costs of the exhibition.

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