Anna Rokka

She Turned Out and Tuned In


The exhibition consists of a series of newly produced installation works and sculptures that construct an emotional imagination with high pitched traces of the so often fleeting reality. There are four stories, one pink, two green and one black, which process in different ways disturbing phenomena. In the creation of the green fountain installation She crawl up inside my arms like a spider (part of song lyric by Busy Signal), Rokka reflects on the obscure and unfair manufacturing process of technology products. What does it mean that everyone is in different realities? Can we even understand each other?

The new installations have been built up of materials such as rusty iron, kelp, fabric, reused parts from previous artworks and newly produced material. A part of her art shows itself through fragmentary elements where the process and wonder are still present.

Rokka’s installations are formed in direct relation to the participation of the human body. Rokka has created in this exhibition visualizations of what life could be like in a hyperreality.

Her art focuses on installation but spans also across sculpture, video installation, performance, dance and costume design. Her artistry surrounds the ideas of science fiction, transcultural issues, attitudes and womanhood.

Anna Rokka (b. 1986) was born in Delsbo Sweden, lives and works in Helsinki. Rokka has inherited the artistry from the family, who have been various kinds of creators. She studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She works both alone and in collaboration with others. Rokka has been working for this exhibition in 2020–2021 with a working grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Anna Rokka has showed her works in both galleries and museums, for example Mänttä Arts Week, ARCO Art Fair Madrid (represented Sinne), Shifting Identities group exhibition at MACRO Testaccio Rome. Rokka was honored with the Raimo Utriainen Fund’s annual sculptor award in 2015.

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Konstsamfundet and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.