Antti Immonen



Exhibition Space/Craft presents Antti Immonen’s sculptures made of steel, cellular plastic and aluminium. Some of the exhibited works are calmly moving kinetic sculptures. There is a rotating comet, a swinging terminator and an insect wing that makes soap bubbles.

Space/Craft is also the name of one work, which in addition to spacecrafts refers to two sculptural elements that are important to Immonen: space and craftsmanship.

”Making sculptures has to do with working different materials and placing them in space. Moving sculptures introduce time to the playground of material and space. My kinetic works are a sculptor’s tactile way of testing and trying to understand the laws of nature.”

The starting point of the artwork is Immonen’s interest in science fiction and mechanical structures as well as nostalgic daydreams about travelling in space.

”The retro sci-fi feel in my works is partly thanks to children’s programmes in the 70’s. To a young boy they gave the idea that it would soon be possible to spend the weekend on the Moon. Now I feel melancholic for the fact that the last manned flight took place 45 years ago, one year before I was born. Since then, the fancy digital gadgets, internet and social media came along but where’s the moon station and how about trips to Mars?”

The Finnish Cultural Foundation has supported the exhibition.

Antti Immonen (born in 1973) typically builds his works by using a wide range of materials. He graduated from Art Institue of Kankaanpää in 1997. Since 1996 he has had many solo and group exhibitions. Immonen has realized a number of public artworks for example in Kuopio University hospital lobby and in a roundabout leading to Kuopio Airport. He was a finalist in Kiasma Art Competition and took part in Seeking Company for the Marshal exhibition in 2016. Immonen received the William Thuring Prize from the Finnish Art Society, the Maecenas award for a young artist in 2001 and Raimo Utriainen Foundation’s stipend. The State Art Collection, Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Sara Hildén Foundation, Kuopio Art Museum and Lahti Art Museum are home to his works. Immonen acted as the chairman of Ars Libera (Kuopio artists’ association) in 2007-2008 and is a member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors and Dimensio association. Immonen lives and works in Kuopio.