Elina Autio



Welcome to the opening on Thursday the 22nd of November at 5–7pm!

The large-scale framed wooden lines in Elina Autio’s exhibition Sideways form abstract portraits and surfaces. Each line has its own, humane character. They occupy the traditional art space as well as the space between the frames in their own, distinctive way. The lines are not determined nor vigorous but slightly hesitant as if testing the limits of the frames.

In Autio’s works, small marks and gestures often perceived as insignificant grow to have monumental importance. Despite their abstract form the works bite into the traces of everyday life. Autio highlights inconspicuous, fragile and broken signs of lived life in a respectful, appreciative way.

Sideways is Elina Autio’s (born 1985) tenth solo exhibition. Autio graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Her works are included in the collections of the Finnish National Gallery, the Finnish Art Society and the Academy of Fine Arts.