Photo: Kim Jotuni.

Kim Jotuni Essence and Life


For me, sculpting is simplification and search of essence by the pursuit of various means and tools. I seek for the core of things, and my sculptures take their final form by removing material.

Exhibition Essence and Life displays living-creatures-like wooden sculptures that communicate by making sounds. In addition, the exhibition has an installation made of 3D animation and wood. The organic forms of the hand-sculpted works are combined with brightly coloured sharp-edged furniture made of stainless steel. These pieces are 3D modelled and machine-made. Their design is inspired by the 3D software’s esthetics. I am intrigued by the low poly esthetics in which the form is created with minimum quantity of elements.

Lately, I have started to sketch my work first in ´space-time´ of the computer screen. 3D modelling has created an urge to make the sculptures alive in animation. Forest 2.0 installation consists of trees build with logs and a projection of an animation in which trees are swaying and tumbling down into little pieces, disappearing and reappearing. Once cut-down trees are rebuilt in my hands. The sound design of the installation is by photographer and musician Sohei Yasui.

In my most recent work, bigger than life-size wooden figures simplify the human form and the inbuilt speakers create a soundscape around the works and between them. Sounds are a vital part of human bodies and communication, but in the artworks, they are heavily modified and simplified. What kind of sounds are enough to create communication between the figures?

The point of departure for my work is often intuition or mental image. From wood emerge humanlike figures that are somehow familiar, yet strange and disturbing. During the making process the figures are also alien to me. Only at the right distance I begin to see that they originate from a very dear but unfortunately deceased source.

Kim Jotuni (b. 1982, Järvenpää) is a sculptor that uses mainly wood as a material. He studied Philosophy at the University in Tampere and carpentry before entering the Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated as a Master of Arts in 2018.

For Jotuni, it is important to learn different ways of working with the material including carving, casting, welding, modeling, and animating. During the artistic process “thinking hands” and materials in use together create something new.

Jotuni’s works are found in the collections of the State Art Commission, the City of Järvenpää and HUS. He has participated in various group exhibitions in galleries and museums. He also has made two public art works in Järvenpää and is creating a third one for Asuntomessut 2021 in Lohja. His next solo exhibition will be at Forum Box in summer 2022.

The exhibition is generously supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The VISEK Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art and Arts Promotion Centre Taike.

Kim Jotuni, Forest 2.0, 2021. Kuva: Aukusti Heinonen
Kim Jotuni, Forest 2.0, 2021. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Kim Jotuni, Forms 1-3, 2021. Kuva: Aukusti Heinonen
Kim Jotuni, Forms 1-3, 2021. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Kim Jotuni, Olemus ja elämä, 2021. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Kim Jotuni, Essence and Life, 2021. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen

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