Photo: Felipe de Ávila Franco.

Felipe de Ávila Franco


Nature, not in the sense of all that exists and happens, but rather what occurs without deliberate human intervention, is being pushed to the corners of our reality. In turn, reality as we know it is slowly being reshaped by voracious technological machinery. As a gigantic extension of ourselves, it expands through space, the effects of which can last in time, exceeding the lifespan of both human and non-human species. The work by de Ávila Franco, which will be on view in the Studio space, invites reflections on the intrinsic connections between the degradation of ecosystems, the long history of exploitation of natural resources, and the invasion of territories that result in the extermination of populations and cultures, perpetrated by the still ongoing processes around the world.

Felipe de Ávila Franco (b. 1982) is a Brazilian visual artist who has been based in Finland since 2013. His work explores intersections between sculpture and other mediums, delving into themes of biopolitics and environmental aesthetics. Through a blend of traditional and experimental techniques, his process incorporates industrial materials and residues, transfiguring them into sculptures, electromechanics systems and multimedia installations, while examining notions of nature, energy, territory, and corporeality. His work has been displayed in South America, Asia, Europe and the United States and is part of distinguished collections such as the Museum of Brazilian Art FAAP, in São Paulo, the HAM Helsinki Arts Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.

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