Tiina Laasonen

Glued together


Welcome to the opening reception on Thursday 4 August from 5–7 pm!

Tiina Laasonen (b. 1968) works with sculpture and spatial art. In her work, craftsmanship and traditional woodworking techniques are united with contemporary sculpture. For the exhibition at Galleria Sculptor´s Studio, Laasonen makes one artwork in which she combines different wood, e.g. a garden tree from friends, a tree from her home yard, and surplus material from other works. The spectrum of life is visible in the artwork as the histories of different families are combined in it into a pearl of memory.

The tree remembers where it grew, and so do I. I remember each tree and a hut of lilacs in our backyard. Through these memories, I have found my love for wood both as living and stacked material, as well as a the material for my works. Many people have offered me their fallen yard trees for sculpting by sayingYou should make something out of this”. Based on this, surely most people have a favorite tree.