Hanna Vahvaselkä



Welcome to the opening on Thursday the 27th of September from 5 to 7 pm!

When I was six years old I had a dog named Mano-Lito. Mano was longhaired, completely black and disliked children, including me. Once Mano ate a chiffon ribbon that I had had when playing with barbies. I got so mad that as a revenge I cut my mother’s kitchen towels into small pieces. Around same time I made my first wooden reliefs. Now, almost forty years later, I am able to hide my anger slightly better. I am also good at hiding other feelings and thoughts, often even from myself. And I still make wooden reliefs.

My exhibition Esirippu (the Curtain) is a multipartite dessert tableau with wood as the protagonist. Wood functions both as a base for paintinglike reliefs but also as a material of its own in the installations that are spread out across the space.

The theme of the exhibition is ordinary everyday life. The artworks reveal and make something visible, but at the same time something is being protected and hidden from the eyes of others.

The escapist desires, hopes and expectations are also present in the exhibition. If only one could escape the life somewhere, forward, higher and elsewhere.

If one eats everything up, there’s a chance to get something sweet for the dessert….

Hanna Vahvaselkä (b. 1973, lives and works in Mikkeli) graduated from the Academy of Finnish Arts in 1999. She has been exhibiting her works in various exhibitions since 1994 and her works have been acquired to the public collections such as the state art collection, Wihuri Foundation, Paulo Foundation, Pro Artibus Foundation and cities of Helsinki, Mikkeli and Salo. Vahvaselkä has also made public works.