Heimo Suntio Döden skrinnar igen & Kultakypärä


“The analogies placed on a timeline are a step closer to death, as if I thought I was Heraclitus that considered himself to have already told everything on his part and decided to retreat to solitude on the mountains and live there humbly eating grass. Well, because of this, he, as a modern human might expect, became very ill. He tried to cure himself by laying down on a heap of manure where he, however, passed away.

By reaching out towards timelessness through bodily or mental exercise one is deceiving oneself. They resemble, rather, the dead, trying to dive in the global moment through the network’s stargate that they have discovered. This does not transport them elsewhere but converts them into a two-dimensional hologram, an illusion representing oneself in an illusion without will or the intention to become an object, that is, a being. This here is the current paradox of the sculptor.

Despite this – and precisely because of it – I make, in my opinion, unique objects that are timeless in relation to my own life cycle and that cannot be created in any other way than by dreaming and observing the collaboration of the eye and the hand which is what makes a human.”

-Heimo Suntio

Heimo Suntio (born in 1955) is a sculptor that combines different elements, materials, and techniques in his work, often inspired by other art genres such as classical literature. Suntio’s exhibition in Sculptor consists of installations that are each built around a bronze sculpture – a memorial of its own occurrence, as Suntio calls it. The exhibition is essentially about thoughts on timelessness and questions about the role of an object in art – about how art can act as a link between different time periods. The exhibition includes a sound piece by Otto Romanowski.

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