Left: Studio detail, Inma Herrera, 2023. Right: De opere quarte diei, Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493. © Cambridge University Library.

Inma Herrera


Sacred geometry, which attributes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and proportions, has long served as a framework for unraveling the laws governing the material world since the advent of writing. Upon closer examination, a profound parallel emerges between the mystical dimension of spatial mathematics and the intricacies of the human inner world. Venturing inward is not just an exploration of these principles from a scientific standpoint; it is also a quest to imbue our existence with meaning and to transport ourselves to a realm that transcends the visible confines of matter.

The exhibition will explore the connections existing amidst these topics through material experimentations with copper, mineral ores, paper, ink, and chemical compounds, employing images from the history of art and the visual dissemination of knowledge.

Inma Herrera is a Helsinki-based artist, recipient of the 2020 Ducat Prize, and a former resident at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome from 2017 to 2018. She has recently exhibited her work at HAM, Amos-Rex Museum, ForumBox, ARCO Madrid, and Miró Mallorca Foundation. She utilizes printmaking as her expressive language and dissects and deconstructs the syntax of the imprint and matrix concepts, crafting installations that bridge printmaking, sculpture, and video, establishing both conceptual and material connections.

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