Horrors of War


Horrors of War
and other moving, breathing and immobile installations

Jukka Vikberg’s (born 1951) exhibition consists of five installations that are not political but through which Vikberg ponders burning questions such as horrors of war, surrounding nature, solitude and warmth and intimacy.

”When I entered the field, Finnish sculpture was still heavily modernist. At first, I also worked with heavy sculpting materials such as bronze and cast iron. In the early 1990’s I took a break for a year, perhaps a crisis, and thought carefully if there was another way of doing this. Since then, I have painted my sculptures that sometimes make sounds or even move around. Their technique is very simple but the making is so much more fun.”

Jukka Vikberg held his first solo exhibition in Helsinki in 1988 in the legendary, since then closed, Galleria Strindberg on North Esplanade. This is Vikberg’s third solo exhibition at Galleria Sculptor. More than 100 exhibitions fit in these years, and more than 40 have taken place abroad, particularly Sweden.