Kirsi Tapper, Dogs in the afterlife. Photo: Pekka Rötkönen.

Kirsi Tapper


“I make my sculptures from wood. In my exhibition, I return to an earlier work from 2016: dogs in the afterlife. Last summer, unexpectedly, my beloved dog passed away, and I am making a work in its memory. Another theme I am currently working on is about a remarkable bird that can hide an acorn in a dense spruce forest and grow a vibrant oak seedling. For one of my pieces I will also be carving a lot of feathers from aspen wood.”

-Kirsi Tapper

Sculptor Kirsi Tapper lives and works in Jyväskylä. Her tool is a knife (puukko) and the material she uses for her sculptures is wood. Tapper often finds the subjects of her works in ordinary life, enriched by humour and everyday wisdom. In the 2000s, Tapper has made e.g. horse sculptures, which she started working on when she got her own horse. Tapper graduated from the Kuopio Academy of Design in 1978 and from the Lahti Institute of Design  and Fine Arts in 1981 as a graphic designer. Tapper has also spent more than thirty years in rural areas as a teacher of visual arts.

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