Maija Närhinen

More is More


A box is a space. More boxes equal more space, don’t they?

More is more exhibition showcases installations made out of a large number of boxes. By placing them one inside another, next to and on top of each other, by arranging and forcing them, the empty boxes have gained a new mission, new content. The works on display deal with the themes of borders, quantity and limitlessness. A box is a memory of what it used to contain. We often want to throw it away quickly before it becomes an evidence of how much we consume.

Maija Närhinen (b. 1967) makes three-dimensional sculptures and installations. She often combines different ways of depiction and uses two- and three-dimensional elements in the same work. Närhinen is now completing her Doctor of Fine Arts degree in the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. Her latest solo exhibitions took place in the Kouvola Art Museum and the MUU Gallery in 2015 and the studio space of Gallery Hippolyte in 2017. Närhinen has participated in group exhibitions for example in London for Royal British Society of Sculptors Gallery’s Skulptur exhibition in 2015, the Turku Biennale in 2015 and the Research Pavilion at Venice Biennale hosted by Uniarts.