Kimmo Schroderus & Mattias Nordéus

nordiSKulptur 4


The final exhibition of the four-year long nordiSKulptur exhibition collaboration organized between the Association of Finnish Sculptors and the Nordic Culture Point will bring together the works of Mattias Nordéus (SWE) and Kimmo Schroderus (FI). 

Mattias Nordéus (b. 1978) is a visual artist best known for his angled, wooden figures that blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture. Nordéus designs the figures in pine wood which are then painted with acrylic and oil. The sculptures are detailed portraits of stylized human figures performing different character roles and postures.The characters expressions are inspired partly by the obviously polygonal designs found in early video game animation, partly by canonical formats and grips found in Western art history, and partly by the limitations and possibilities of painting. Nordéus holds an MFA from the Malmö Art Academy.

Kimmo Schroderus (b. 1970) is an accomplished Finnish sculptor. In 2004 Schroderus was awarded the Ars Fennica Award. In the subjects of his latest sculptures, one can find influences e.g. from science fiction, horror films, and from the gargoyles, which are familiar from the walls of Gothic buildings. The figures in Schroderus´s sculptures are combinations of humans and animals, and possibly shaped by some strange chains of events. 

NordiSKulptur is a curated exhibition series that has been realised between 2019–2022 in co-operation with rotating Nordic partner countries. In 2022 the partner country is Sweden and in relation to the exhibition at Galleria Sculptor, an exhibition presenting Finnish contemporary sculpture will be held at Linnköpings Konsthall Passagen in 2023.