Antti Maasalo



The artist is present at the gallery on Sunday 20 December at 2 pm and via live screening on Sundays 29.11. 6.12. and 13.12. starting at noon. 

My exhibition at Galleria Sculptor presents a selection of my works from the past five decades but also works from recent years. During past years, I have been working with outdoor installations using natural elements such as sun, wind and water. My aim is to highlight these renewable natural sources, so that we could realize the significance but also possibilities they could play in solving climate-issues. With my work, I want to also point out what us artist can give to questions concerning landscape and the environment. I have also wanted to be a pioneer by building Finland’s first multienergy house in 1976.

Guided tours to the exhibition, sculpture park and studio exhibition will be available on Youtube on Tuesday 1 December. More information coming soon.

The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Antti Maasalo’s (b. 1940) ouevre is based on experimental sculptures in which he uses video, light and laser technology. During his career he has produced over 80 public works from which about 30 are light installations and around 10 playground sculptures.

Since 1969, Maasalo has participated in various exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Many of his light and multimedia installations has been on display in concerts and events. He has also done many online exhibitions via web camera from his studio since 2004.

Picture: Wind-water installation in the making by Antti Maasalo