Timo Heino Prehistorical Dream


“Prehistorical Dream” exhibition consist of three animal themed sculpture series, herd of animals. The sculptures are made out of synthetic materials like polyurethane and acryl and they’ve been coated for example with rubber and paraffin. Also, dark chocolate and painkiller capsules have been used as materials.

The theme of the exhibition is the animal’s character as a wild, mystical and mythical creature but at the same time penetrated and saturated by technology. The sculptures could be described as cyborgs. In them, the biological, organic shapes are united with technological elements. The cyborg is metaphor for our existence. Technology is connected ever more intimate ways to us and our bodily functions. Through us it has also become part of the life and identity of manifold animals.

The aim of the sculptures is to construct a three dimensional still picture of our technological era as an ambiguous visual poetry.

Timo Heino (born in 1962) was graduated in 1989 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki where he was studying painting and sculpture. He graduated as Doctor of Fine Arts from The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2016. Heino lives and works in Helsinki.

Heino has regularly held private and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. His works can be found from the collections of EMMA Museum, Helsinki Art Museum, Kiasma, Oulu Art Museum, Pori Art Museum and Sara Hildén Art Museum.

Heino has also made many public art pieces and his works can be found for example from Rastila metro station and Kalasatama in Helsinki, Vantaa’s Leinelä and from Oulu environment agency.

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