Nuutti Koskinen, Primary Succession, 2023. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.

Nuutti Koskinen Primary Succession


Nuutti Koskinen’s two-channel video installation Primary Succession deals with the infrastructure of presenting, experiencing and modifying nature. In the video, a marine national park appears as a historical weave of different production systems and ideologies.

How is the perceived landscape limited ideologically and physically, and what kind of value systems guide our way of experiencing, modifying and valuing our environment? The archipelago is an example of a national landscape, where settlement, nature tourism with its structures, the ideal image of “pristine nature” with its garbage collection teams, the everpresent human influence, and history form mutually incompatible, contradictory and mutually invisible islands. In the flow of images, landscape and its material and productional elements are intertwined with project planning.

As a biological concept, primary succession refers to the process of habitats, in which living species take over a new area of land that has been exposed, for example, due to uplift. In succession, the mix of species grows and changes until it reaches a state of equilibrium – unless the conditions change. Like a brisk gardener, the human intervenes in this as he sees fit, sometimes finding justification in immediate benefit, sometimes in a sense of moral obligation stretching back to the ice age.

Nuutti Koskinen is a media artist who works with video, photography and animation. Recurring themes of his work are the use of language, metaphors and the semantics of visual representation, often applied to ecological and social issues.

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre and Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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Events during the exhibition:

Saturday, June 10, 1.30-3.30 pm: Helsinki Art Walk. A guided tour in English starts from Photographic Gallery Hippolyte at 1.30 pm, and then visits tm•galleria, Galleria G and Galleria Sculptor, where it arrives at around 3 pm. Free entry!

In June, Galleria Sculptor participates in the Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries festival, which invites audiences across Finland to explore art in galleries. The festival is organized in 27 galleries in 12 locations between June 6-18, 2023.

Nuutti Koskinen, Primary Succession, 2023. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Photo: Nuutti Koskinen

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