Irma Laukkanen

Quiet Light


By sandblasting, etching, or painting on glass I am experimenting with light and its various degrees. The partially opaque and translucent work takes form in layered glass structures and from those empty spaces between them.

I imagine seeing inside the transparent surface, somewhere deeper.

The main piece of the exhibition is the sculptural installation, Nostalgia, which is illuminated with video projections. While this piece is based on my own life it is also a tribute to the film director Andrei Tarkovsky. I am seeking peace in symmetry and references to old cultures in the works at the gallery’s studio space. Composer Jouni Hirvelä’s audio work utilizes sounds such as rustling of wings and Tibetan hand cymbals and reinforces the atmosphere of the space.

The exhibition is supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Taike.