Riikka Puronen Metamorphosis


“In my exhibition Metamorfoosi (Metamorphosis) I explore different states and manifestations of sculpture. It consists of two entities: Pyhä Neljä (Sacred Four, 2019) and Marché aux Puces (2019).

The four objects in the Pyhä neljä (2019) series are varied by using sculpture, animation and graphics. Its 3D printed sculptures exist in two scales: as bronze miniatures, and as sculptures combining different materials that reconstruct the objects. Prints capture the surface of the sculpture, turning into an image or a winding sheet. Animated drawings are quick sketches; moments spent by the sculpture. I suggest we explore the different states of these objects together.

Bronze sculptures are usually cast in wax that melts giving way to the metal. 3D technologies allow the works to emerge anew, in other scales and forms, which sheds new light on questions regarding the space and material of sculptures – perhaps the work is at its best as bits in the space, and these pieces are small premonitions of a sculpture somewhere.

When working at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2018 I collected material for sculptures on the streets and at flea markets. The rules were clear: only small, odd and metallic objects would do. Marchè aux Puces (2019) brings together combinations that were created by collecting and combining.”

The abundance of materials and working methods are characteristic to Riikka Puronen’s (b.1968) artistic work. In addition to numerous solo and group exhibitions Puronen has created public sculptures installed in Helsinki. Compass and Stars (2018) is located in the Toukola Waterfront Park, and Sirena’s Strings (2004) at Myllypuro subway station. Both works belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum. Currently Puronen is working on a new piece called Eau de Sculpture commissioned by part of Sculpture Expanded – Moving Laboratory of Public Art project by The Association of Finnish Sculptors.

The exhibition is supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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