Anssi Taulu



In March, Galleria Sculptor will host Anssi Taulu’s first solo exhibition in Finland in ten years. All its works are cast in concrete. The repeating element of polypore connects the brutal material with nature. The series of works folds layers of time, incompleteness and finality into an unstable balance.

Anssi Taulu is a sculptor whose works often form a serial entity, such as the Ampiaistehtaat series from 2009-2018, which was inspired by news stories about the mass deaths of bees in the 2000s. The series was accompanied by the Organic City installations – “houses” made of recycled cardboard boxes, which offer the viewers a transition from the present moment to something else. Later, the cardboard installations have also featured a living tree.

In addition to Finland, Taulu’s works have been exhibited in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Serbia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Estonia and South Korea. He has public works in Utica, USA, Kankaanpää, Pieksämäki and Hämeenlinna. Taulu has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1994, and he has worked in many international artist residencies since 2012. Taulu has completed his MFA at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and he is a member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors.