A view from Jussi Haro’s Street Dreams exhibition. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.

Jussi Haro Street Dreams


Accumulated urban space, hostile architecture and broken locks: Jussi Haro’s exhibition presents the artist’s depository relationship with public space.

Jussi Haro’s Street Dreams exhibition looks at the individual through the lens of society and its power relations. The exhibition features glass sculptures and readymade works consisting of objects from urban space, captured by the artist.

“The objects I collect from urban space are all linked by their human traces. The fractures, scratches or symbols on objects contain a clue about their purpose of use or history – and leave a kind of manual for the exhibition’s theme.”

The readymade works in the exhibition have been collected in Finland and the glass sculptures have been forced into shape by hitting, breaking and cracking the glass. Haro’s work Luottamus (Trust) consists of what is allegedly the largest collection of broken bicycle locks in the world, which the artist has been collecting from public space for over a decade. Haro is bringing a small selection of the locks to Galleria Sculptor’s exhibition.

Jussi Haro is a visual artist living and working in Turku, whose artistic practice focuses on material-oriented sculpture. Haro’s work is guided by a sustained process of material collection. Through the collecting of material, Haro aims to record public space as part of his own artistic practice. Haro’s work Trust (Luottamus) is allegedly the largest collection of broken bicycle locks in the world, which he has collected from public space for over ten years. Haro is a member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors and the Turku Artists’ Association. In addition to private collections, Haro’s works are in the art collections of the Turku Art Museum and the City of Turku.

Haro’s work for the Street Dreams exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Turku.

A view from Jussi Haro's Street Dreams exhibition. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
In the foreground: Exoskeleton, 2021, glass and steel. In the background: Street Dreams, 2024, windscreen. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.
Jussi Haro, Keltaisena 1-6, from the series Vihamielinen arkkitehtuuri, 2022, extra handrails for benches. Photo: Aukusti Heinonen.

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