Taneli Rautiainen

Taneli Rautiainen


Welcome to Taneli Rautiainen´s exhibition! The exhibition opens without an opening ceremony on Friday 26 November from 12–5 pm. Artist meeting at the gallery on Sunday 28 November from 2–4 pm. A warm welcome! 

Please note that the exhibition space is dark, has stairs and strong flashing lights. 

Taneli Rautiainen’s exhibition shows fragmented depictions of the passage of time. The exhibition features four independent artworks.

The exhibition is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Arts Promotion Center Finland.

Taneli Rautiainen (b. 1983) is known for his installations that explore the limits of human perception. In his sculptural works, Rautiainen is particularly interested in sound and light, the correctness of observations, possibility, and impossibility. Taneli Rautiainen graduated with a master’s degree in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts. Rautiainen works alone or as a part of changing working groups. He has executed several public sculptures and has set up artist-run exhibition spaces in Helsinki.