Niina Räty Studio


Studio is a collection of works selected for the gallery space from a series painted between 2016 and 2020.

The subject of the paintings is one studio apartment in the middle of a block of identical flats. In the studio, the focus of the eye hits the wall, the dining table, the stools around it. From the bed you can see the front door and its slot through which the mail drops on the carpet. The view—or the absence of a view—is a slice of the same view from the studio below or from the one above.

Niina Räty ( b. 1973) is an artist working and living in Helsinki. She has graduated from the Lahti Institute of Fine Arts in 1999 and got her Master’s degree (MFA) at the Uniart Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. Her works can be found from the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum and Helsinki University Hospital.

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Promotion Center Finland.

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