Gallery visit during the Corona period

In order to ensure a safe gallery visit, we will regulate the number of visitors inside the gallery. Max 5 visitors are allowed in the gallery space at the same time. One person at a time can visit our sales collection space Sculpture Shop. Please ask if you can enter the space.

We require visitors to use face masks. Visits are allowed only while wearing a face mask. We have masks also available inside the gallery.

When visiting the gallery, keep a safe distance of 2 meters to other visitors and our staff. Use hand sanitizer when entering the gallery. If you are feeling ill, postpone your visit.

We will keep following the Finnish government´s instructions on preventing the spreading of the coronavirus and pay special attention to a safe visit at the gallery by carefully cleaning the space and taking care of hand hygiene.

Please ask our staff for any further info or questions.

Gallery is open: Tue-Fri 12–17 and Sat-Sun 12–16. 

Phone: 050 360 1180,