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The annual application periods are March and September until the end of the month. The spring applications concern exhibitions in the autumn one and half years away and the autumn applications exhibitions in the spring one and a half years away.

Call for exhibitions in spring 2022 will be open between 1–30 September, 2020. Spring 2022 has altogether 6 exhibition time slots available (January–June). 

The exhibitions are selected by the exhibition committee, which is elected at the general meeting of the members.

Exhibition committee 2019:
Simo Ripatti (chair), Jukka Hautamäki, Maija Helasvuo and Andy Best representing the executive board of the Association of Finnish Sculptors.

The exhibitions are around 4 weeks long and there are 3 different spaces one can apply for: the studio, the gallery space and the whole space (studio and gallery).

Exhibition Rents:

Members of the Association:

Studio                  (n. 30 m²)      830 €
Gallery                 (n. 88 m²)   1 830 €
Whole space     (n. 118 m²)    2 550 €


Studio                   (n. 30 m²)      950 €
Galleria             (n. 88 m²)      2 100 €
Whole space      (n. 118 m²)   2 900 €

The rent includes communications, sales, marketing and guarding of the exhibition.

The Association of Finnish Sculptors aims to further reduce the exhibition rents. In 2019, thanks to the state grant, it was possible to reduce the exhibition rent for the first time, by 1,000 euros per exhibition, thus making the rent for the entire exhibition space 1,550€ for members and 1,900€ for non-members (reduction 34–39%). In 2020, the rent for the entire exhibition space is 1,000€ for members and 1,350€ for non-members (reduction 53.4–60.8%). If receive funding to reduce the rents further also in future, the new lower exhibition rents will also apply to the exhibitions held in 2022. The exhibition rent for the 2022 exhibitions will be confirmed in the beginning of 2022.

When applying for an exhibition time in the Gallery or Studio space, please notice that there may be a soundscape included in the other exhibition. The exhibition committee aims to select the exhibitions so that the possible soundscapes of the exhibitions do not disturb each others.

The Studio can be fully darkened, and video works as well as smaller exhibitions can be proposed to this space.

The Gallery will only send online invitations, but if wanted, the artist may also send papery invitations.

The sales commission is 35%.


Submit a free-form application and mention in the application which season and which space (3 options) you are applying for. You may only apply for one season and for one space at a time. If you propose a video work, you may include a link to the video.

Download the cover page for your application from the link below.

The application should include:

  • a brief description of the proposed exhibition (exhibition plan)
  • contact information: the artist’s name, full address and other contact details.
  • 5-10 color copies of photos of your works (as recent as possible), accompanied by full details (artist, title, year, material)
  • CV

You can include in the attachments exhibition catalogues (but not copies of reviews).

We hope that you present your application either in the form of a one single pdf document, named surname_name_Exhibition_Application_season or in the form of  an A4 folder or some other easily readable entity where the pages and parts stay in place.

The pdf documents can be combined with e.g. pdf join.

No original works, even small ones, should be attached to the application, only photos of works. You can also mention your dates of preference and possible other exhibition plans.

The applications should be sent by mail to:
Galleria Sculptor
Exhibition committee
Eteläranta 12
00130 Helsinki

or by e-mail to: galleria.sculptor@sculptors.fi. Please headline the e-mail “Exhibition Application, season, name”.

All the applicants will be notified of the decisions in writing. The photo and other material will be returned to the applicants who have included a self-addressed stamped envelope in their application.

The artists who are selected commit themselves to not holding a solo or other similar exhibition in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in the period between the signing of the exhibition agreement and the conclusion of the exhibition.