The Association of Finnish Sculptors has about 520 members and accepts new members twice a year. The application deadlines are at the end of February and the end of October.

Honorary members

Persons who have earned credit as sculptors and advanced the goals of the association with their actions are invited to become honorary members.

The honorary members are:
Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen, Kari Cavén, Markku Hakuri, Maija Helasvuo, Kerttu Horila, Jari Juvonen, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Marja Kanervo, Erkki Kannosto, Pertti Kukkonen, Hannele Kylänpää, Antti Maasalo, Eila Minkkinen, Taru Mäntynen, Pirkko Nukari, Matti Nurminen, Anna-Maria Osipow, Matti Peltokangas, Kimmo Pyykkö, Anni Rapinoja, Antero Ruotsalainen, Anneli Sipiläinen, Hannu Siren, Barbara Tieaho, Antero Toikka and Jukka Vikberg.

Applying for Membership

The Association of Finnish Sculptors is the national organization for Finnish professional sculptors, established in 1910. Its main objective is to promote and present Finnish contemporary sculpture and spatial artworks domestically and abroad. 

To apply, send an electronic application via the form below, including: a short description of yourself as an artist/artist’s statement and your reasons for applying for membership (max 1 A4), (portfolio with) 8–10 high-quality photos of your works and a list of the works including all details of each work, and your CV. We recommend you prioritize your central achievements in the CV. 

The membership application should be sent by 28 February or 31 October by midnight.

The application fee is 20 euros and the sum should be paid to the association’s bank account DABAFIHH FI2380001801840340 by the end of the application month.

Current members and their websites can be found on our Members page.

Membership Benefits

Why become a member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors?

With a membership card, you get free or discounted admission tickets to many art museums, also abroad. Some places offer discounts on e.g. art materials. The membership card is digital.


Holders of the international IAA/UNESCO card are entitled to free or discounted admission to museums all over the world.

In Finland, the International Identity Card for Professional Artists is granted by the Artists’ Association of Finland. The members of the following member associations of the Finnish Artists’ Association are entitled to the card: Artists’ Association Muu, The Association of Finnish Sculptors, The Association of Finnish Print Makers, Finnish Painters’ Union or The Association of Photographic Artists.

There is both an electronic and a paper version of the card. Read more here or contact


You get a discounted subscription of Taide, a Finnish art magazine.


The Association of Finnish Sculptors has negotiated life insurance for its members. Find out more and use your membership. Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Kaleva offers the Primus insurances,

Schenker Oy Air & Ocean, Events Logistics

Our members receive a discount on the normal price of Schenker Oy Air & Ocean, Events Logistics transports. The discount is calculated case-by-case.



An account has been opened in RTV-Yhtymä Oy’s stores under the name of the Finnish Sculptors’ Association (customer number 170808). When you show the association’s membership card at the checkout, you will receive a discount of 5-25%, depending on the product group. The discount comes from the RTV guide prices and is available on cash payments and also on invoices paid by invoice.

Instrumentarium, Keops, Nissen ja Synsam

Instrumentarium: member discounts for Keops and Nissen stores for members of the association and their family members. Normal priced sunglasses -20%, normal priced contact lenses -25%, optician contact lens examination, education and test lenses free of charge. Discount percentages cannot be combined with promotional offers. If a promotional offer in the store is cheaper than the deal, it can be used. The offer is valid until further notice in all Instrumentarium, Keops and Nissen stores.

Synsam: Synsam Lifestyle monthly contract fee -20% / Eyeglasses -25% / Sunglasses and sports glasses -25% / Spectacles -25%. The benefits are valid at Synsam stores in Finland. Find your nearest store on the website. Benefits also apply to members’ family members.

Taidemaalariliiton tarvikevälitys – Association of Painters’ Supplies

You can get the products of the Painters’ Association at the member price. Open: Mon 12-17, Tue-Thu 9.15-17, Fri 12-17, Sat 11-16. tarvikevälityksen tuotteet saat jäsenhintaan. Auki: ma 12–17, ti-to 9.15–17, pe 12–17, la 11–16. Read more

Sculpture Shop

You may bring one or two small-scale sculptures to the sales collection.

TEOS Sales Exhibition

You can participate in the annual TEOS Sales Exhibitions at Kattilahalli and in other events, exhibitions and projects targeted at the members of the association.

Isot veistokset – Big sculptures rental and purchase service

You can submit your works to the Big Sculptures website.

Members’ newsletter

You will receive information about upcoming events, competitions, exhibitions, residences, grants etc. The newsletter is sent monthly via e-mail. Newsletters are mailed to those who do not use e-mail a couple of times a year. You will also have access to contract templates and other professional guidance.

Membership of the closed fb group for Sculptors/SKL members.

Members enjoy online visibility thanks to the list of members on the association’s webpage with links to members’ homepages. We add and alter links on request. Members can announce their exhibitions and other events in the Event Calendar on the association’s website.

You will have access to legal advice on, for example, contracts, social security and taxation provided by The Artist’s Association of Finland

You can also act in different posts within the association and make an impact. uutiskirje

The Artist’s Association of Finland also runs an online publication Taiteilija (Artist) at (in Finnish).

Some helpful links:
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Ministry of Education and Culture
The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation
Frame Contemporary Art Finland

Sculpture to the Sales Collection

Each member of the association can bring 1–2 works to the sales collection, of which at least one is kept, if possible, on display. The works can be on display in the sales collection for 1.5 years, after which they should be changed or fetched if they haven’t been sold.

All the works are also on display and on sale in our online store Veistoskauppa – Sculpture Shop where to works are shown in 360 images. One can buy works straight from the gallery or from the online store, and on this occasion, the work will be sent to the buyer from the gallery.

The sales provision is 35 % and the provision is reduced from the sales price excluding VAT (10%).

The works need to fit into the slots in the display cabinet or they cannot be shown. We prefer works that stand on their own without support. Wall sculptures or other small sculptures with special display requirements cannot be exhibited in the sales collection.

The display cabinet slots are 47 cm (width), 47 cm (height), 46 cm (depth). The sculpture has to fit within these parameters.

You can bring and fetch works during the gallery’s opening hours, but we hope to be notified in advance.

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