Panu Rytkönen

Some stuff and deep thoughts – sculptures


Panu Rytkönen (b. 1983 Orimattila, early years in Iisalmi Northern Savonia) is a sculptor who is currently living and working in Helsinki. Rytkönen graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 and he has had several solo exhibitions, mainly in Helsinki. Rytkönen’s exhibition at Galleria Sculptor is his second solo exhibition at Galleria Sculptor.

Rytkönen makes narrative and spatial art, and the subjects of his works are often historical and grounded on old art, architecture, literature, and books. Fragments of various existing works of art and buildings can be seen as recurring elements in his exhibitions. Old objects and books are also often found in his works. When picturing humans, Rytkönen sculpts both the destitute and the royalty. In his artistic expression he strives for the subtle and quiet but at the same time emotionally impressive. On one hand, Rytkönen’s works are often humorous and energetic, and he is not afraid to tackle monumental subjects or their romantic interpretations.