Timo Aho



Timo Aho´s exhibition Volume examines the built environment through light and communicative elements. The works differ from the objects and sings used in communications e.g. with their shape, scenic qualities, and motion. The works are based on everyday materials used in the construction industry and advertising, such as steel structures, acrylic, electronics, fabric, air, light, and sound. An inflatable giant plant and sculptures that transcend light create together an immersive installation into the exhibition space.

Timo Aho (b. 1980) works with sculpture, installation, and site-specific art. In his work, he often utilizes ephemeral elements such as light and air, as well as materials and aesthetics familiar from popular culture. His works, that are often associated with time and space, reflect human´s relationship to the technology-driven society, environment, and beliefs, both as the to the phenomena that arise from them. Examining the fine line between reality and fiction, Aho disentangles these topics with subtle gestures.

Timo Aho has graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2021 and studied environmental art and sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland in 2013–2016. In addition to his own artistic practice, he works in collaboration with other artists and researchers. Aho has participated in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Collaborative public works have been exhibited in various European countries as well as in the United States.