nordiSKulptur – Nordic contemporary sculpture


Nordic Culture Point and Association of Finnish Sculptors are organizing a  Nordic contemporary sculpture project nordiSKulptur (2019-2022), of which aim is to increase the visible presence of Nordic contemporary sculpture, improve international work prospects of Nordic sculptors and strengthen the co-operation among the organizations within the field.

Materiality, work and conceptuality intertwine within sculpture in a fascinating way, and in the end sculpture is always in connection with its surroundings. Characteristic for Nordic contemporary sculpture is mixing different techniques and materials candidly. Traditions of craft and new technologies meet in Nordic sculpture.

Nordic Sculpture Point and the Association of Finnish Sculptors’ new project nordiSKulptur highlights especially new emerging makers. The project takes place in the form of three exhibitions. Each year, the Association of Finnish Sculptor’s gallery space, Galleria Sculptor, situated by the Helsinki Market Square, hosts a co-curated exhibition with an alternating Nordic collaborator.

The artists are selected via an open call. The jury, which simultaneously operates as the curator of the exhibition series, is formed by professionals from Nordic Culture Point and Association of Finnish Sculptors. Nordic Culture Point is the main sponsor for the nordiSKuptur exhibitions held at Gallery Sculptor.


The first exhibition collaboration took place with the Icelandic Myndhöggvarafélagið í ReykjavíkReykjavik Association of Sculptors in 2019. In November, Gallery Sculptor presented the joint exhibition of Páll Haukur, member of the Reykjavik Association of Sculptors together with Pia Männikkö, member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors.

Read more about the exhibition here.

During the project The Association of Finnish Sculptors enhances the exhibition prospects of Finnish sculptors in other Nordic countries and coordinates the counter exhibition with the Nordic collaborator in question. The first interchanging exhibition SUBURB administered by the Myndhöggvarafélagið í Reykjavík took place during the summer of 2019. Artist Anssi Pulkkinen, member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors, was elected via an open call.

Read the interview of Páll Haukur and Pia Männikkö here.


Galleria Sculptor hosted the second joint exhibition of the project in the autumn of 2020, this year with Norway as the collaborating country. The artists chosen for the exhibition were Minna Kangasmaa, member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors and Kim Hankyul, member of the Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Norwegian Sculptors Society.

Kim Hankyyl and Minna Kangasmaa has been selected as the 2nd Nordic nordiSKulptur exhibition artists.

Read the interview of Kim Hankyul and Minna Kangasmaa here.


Artists Ida Brockmann and Anna-Lea Kopperi have been chosen for the third collaborative nordiSKulptur exhibition. The exhibition will be displayed at Gallery Sculptor in November 2021. In 2022 collaborating country is Denmark and the exhibition associate is Peter Holmgård, Danish artist and curator. Holmgård will also curate the counter exhibition in Denmark.

Ida Brockmann and Anna-Lea Kopperi have been chosen for the 2021 nordiSKulptur exhibition.