Ida Brockmann & Anna-Lea Kopperi

nordiSKulptur 3


Ida Brockmann’s and Anna-Lea Kopperi’s exhibition is part of the four-year collaborative project between the Association of Finnish Sculptors and Nordic Culture Point, will open in November 2021 at Galleria Sculptor. The 2021 exhibition project is organised in collaboration with Danish artist and curator Peter Holmgård.

Ida Brockmann was born in 1991 and she lives and works in Copenhagen. She graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from the Valand Academy in Gothenburg. Her art consists of various techniques and materials, including most recently ceramics, stones, and videos. Brockmann is interested in material culture and in those objects that surround us and that we leave behind. Her way of working brings to light the cultural and social layers that are linked to everyday objects and she strives to alter the existing conception of these objects.

“The relation between the hand, the tool and the digitalization are the focal point in my works for the exhibition. Through our hands we sense our surroundings. As the prehistoric human learned to walk and rose from the ground, the hands became free. With the hands the human learned to produce stone tools which led to further production of new tools and technologies which through many thousands of years have become more and more sophisticated and advanced. Today, most people’s primary tool is the smartphone. In my works I aim to explore the very close and concrete digital everyday life, it’s materiality, and our perception of it.”

Anna-Lea Kopperi was born in 1960 and she is renowned internationally for her site-specific works of environmental and community art. She studied visual arts in Finland, France, and Germany, and she graduated from the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf in 1996. Kopperi’s works have been widely featured in Europe and Asia since the 1990s. Kopperi’s site-specific and transient artworks come to life based on the aesthetic, architectural, and ecological premises of a place. In her works, thoughtful material choices and variations of light and motion allow her to examine the concepts of space and place holistically through broader existential issues, such as life and death and themes of time and continuity.

“In my site-specific installation I investigate the concept of site and situation varying materials, light and reflection. My ephemeral oeuvre arises from the architectural and spatial aspects of the space. Through a focused thinking process and variations of light I combine my perceptions of spaces with existentially essential questions like life and death, time and continuity.”